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Mint Stats: Will reverse proof Buffalo be common?


goldbuffaloBuyers are snapping up the reverse proof one-ounce gold Buffalo coin, but their ardor is slipping. Sales reached 32,676 as of Aug. 18, up by about one-third from the week prior. However, because it is the first reverse proof Buffalo gold piece, buyers are excited about it. However, current sales numbers compared to the regular proof’s sales figure of 13,141 means the reverse proof could end up the more common of the two in future years by a very large margin – and you know what that can do to its price.

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North American Coins & Prices is three books in one!

Enthusiasm for the Buffalo reverse proof distracts attention from the dismal sales of Eagle gold bullion coins. Can you believe just 3,500 one-ounce coins have been sold so far in August? That is almost shocking.

Silver Eagle sales motor along. The far lower price and general popularity of the silver Eagle bullion coin as well as the collector versions apparently helps these coins to decouple from gold Eagles.


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