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Mint Stats: Time to study bullion sales numbers


stats170OK. Are you ready to be a tiny bit confused about bullion coin sales?

The bullion Eagle and Buffalo sales were updated Feb. 6, but no February sales had occurred for Buffaloes or American Eagle gold coins, so the monthly figures are the final January monthly totals.

To be consistent, in the monthly box, the silver American Eagle sales were also cut off as of Jan. 31 at 7,498,000, but there were 675,500 silver Eagles sold in February. There is no

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space for two monthly boxes, so the running total for sales for the entire year 2013 reflect the 8,173,500 sold so far during the year. That means the January monthly total, which is a monthly sales record for silver Eagles, by the way, does not match the 2013 running total. Next week the January monthly numbers will disappear and February monthly numbers will appear.

Buyers of 5-ounce silver America the Beautiful bullion coins woke up and the totals have changed quite a bit.



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