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Mint Stats: Sales evaluation depends on yardstick

WSilverEagleSales of the 2013-W uncirculated American Eagle silver coin began strong at 104,570 if you compare it to the 2012-W total sales of 202,504, but seems less so if you compare the number to the 320,898 sold in 2011.

So what is it, strong or weak? We seem to be in a transition stage for collector coins. They no longer seem to attract as many investors or speculators as in past years so order numbers are generated by hard core collectors.

Buyers snared another 3,394 proof 2013 Buffalo gold coins, bringing the running sales total to 8,257. It is nearly equal to the 8,330 sales total of the one-ounce proof American Eagle gold coin, which has been available for far longer.

Collectors bought 1,296 White Mountain 5-ounce silver coins with “P” mintmark. The running total is now 13,917. None of the bullion version was sold. Buyers were perhaps focused on grabbing 8,000 of the Perry bullion issue, which just went on sale.










































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