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Mint Stats: Proof Silver Eagle Sales Slowing

Are buyers losing interest in the proof 2011 silver American Eagle? Only 52,050 more were taken in the latest week, bringing the ongoing tally to 460,041. To equal last year’s sum, the Mint needs to move another 400,000 coins. Will it do it? Perhaps some big buyers will help it out. Sales limits were lifted July 15. Now you can purchase any quantity you have the cash to pay for.

Collector interest continues high in the Yosemite and Grand Canyon 5-ounce America the Beautiful 2010 collector coins. Yosemite has reached the sellout stage and the waiting list notice on the Mint’s website is now the real deal.

For Grand Canyon, it is likely that the remaining coins will be snapped up in short order. After all, how long can 4,874 coins last?

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Some strong numbers were registered by the proof American Eagle gold coins. Nothing like a pending price increase to move the fence sitters into action. Some 2,262 one-ounce coins were bought.
































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4 Responses to Mint Stats: Proof Silver Eagle Sales Slowing

  1. hrlaser says:

    What happened to the weekly (Thursday) Mint Stats chart / graphic?.. It was posted under “Mint Stats” for years.. I did a right click / save as, and saved them for years.. a couple of weeks ago, when the Mint Stats column was posted.. no chart.. I thought it was just a fluke, or someone forgot.. but there’s no chart this week either.. are you no longer going to post it?, or is there a separate link to it that I can’t find?..

  2. rickey2005 says:

    Yeah. Where’s the Mint Stat charts? They help give me the BIG picture.
    I need um,bring um back! Now!

  3. hrlaser says:

    The chart is back..

    Thanks very much for fixing whatever you fixed..

  4. rickey2005 says:

    About #^%***)(!@ time. Translated*About darn time!

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