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Mint Stats: Proof set gift season coming soon

HolidayTreeThis is a good week to talk about proof sets since little else seems to be making a splash. Regular proof sets have reached a sales total of 571,024, up 8,918 on the week. Silver proof sets had an even better week with sales of 11,882. This brings the silver proof set sales total to 322,541. At the present sales rate, the clad set total will not likely reach last year’s figure while the silver set total would exceed the 2012 figure. However, the prime proof set holiday buying period is still to come.

Silver proof 2013-W American Eagles are getting closer to the 800,000 mark. With an additional 15,755 sold this week, the running total is 786,194. Looks like next week it will pass the 800,000 number.

The uncirculated 2013-W silver American Eagle registered sales of 4,945, bringing the ongoing sales number to 148,419.

Gold bullion Eagle sales remain sluggish, but October sales could beat the August and September totals with three weeks’ sales still to come.










































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