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Mint Stats: Proof Eagle sales results differ

With collector coins made of silver and gold going on and off sale because of repricing, it is hard to get any sense of what buyers are interested in this week.

Proof silver American Eagles were repriced to $68.45 apiece. Will that deter collectors from buying or will they decide they had better buy now before the price rises again? It is hard to know when the sales rose by just 5,081 to 740,946.

What I do know is in the final six weeks of 2010 the Mint offered and sold out 856,356 proof silver Eagles. The 2011 coin has now been on sale for 11 weeks and it is still not sold out.

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So does the longer sales period and lower sales number mean some collectors are resisting the new higher prices? Probably.

One-ounce proof gold American Eagles are nearly at their 30,000 maximum even with higher prices. This is up by 5,000 from 2010. As Harry Miller has pointed out, it isn’t just collector buying here, but also retirement accounts.



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