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Mint Stats: Philadelphia $1s still outsell Denver


Sales numbers moved forward at a sleepy pace. If you take a look at Presidential dollars you will still see the huge differential between sales of $250 Philadelphia boxes and Denver boxes of the same size. Twice as many Philadelphia boxes have sold. The differential narrows when looking at the 25-coin roll numbers and virtually disappears for the 100-coin bag and $500 box.

It also should be noted that this huge differential does not exist for the 2012 Native American dollar.

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The Mint raised the price of the 2012-W proof silver American Eagle by $5, but it did not seem to dampen demand by much as sales increased by 20,359 to bring the running total to 765,747. If you want some of these for holiday gifts, now is probably the time to acquire them unless you want to gamble on a future fall in price.

Not a single 5-ounce silver bullion coin sold and collector versions just crept ahead. The half-ounce 2012 proof gold American Eagle saw sales jump by 16.8 percent, 315 coins, to bring the running total to 2,188. The rest hardly moved.

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