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Mint Stats: New task is to remember mintmarks


generals170Initial sales figures have arrived from the U.S. Mint for the 5-Star Generals commemoratives. Pity the poor collector who tries to make sense of the mintmarks.
All mints are involved in this set, a rare event in modern commemoratives. As a result, mintmarks have been added to the tables to aid memory. Proofs for the program were struck at Philadelphia, West Point and San Francisco. Uncirculated pieces were struck in Philadelphia, West Point and Denver. For the Girl Scout silver dollar West Point made

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both uncirculated and proof coins. Easy.
However, no Mint facility made both finishes for any of the 5-Star Generals denominations. Issue prices for the gold are $485.50 for the proof and $480.50 for the uncirculated. The silver proof is $54.95 and the uncirculated is $50.95. The clad half dollar is $17.95 for the proof and $16.95 for the uncirculated. You can save $11.90 by buying the three-coin proof set rather than each piece separately at the pre-issue discount prices in effect now.


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