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Mint Stats: New set treated like it’s old hat already


Sales of the 2012 Limited Edition Silver Proof set seem to be running out of gas quickly. Just 5,064 of them were sold, or hardly a quarter more than the initial sales number of 19,290. This brings the running total to 24,354. At this rate it will take at least five more weeks to reach a sellout. Will it? That depends on how many people who are willing to pay $149.95 have not yet purchased it.

If you have not compared the five-coin silver proof set totals for 2011 and 2012 for a while, you should note that sales of the 2012 set are now within 10,000 of the 2011 set at 137,401

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and 147,005, respectively. Of the 2012 set offerings, this one is the closest to matching the performance of its 2011 counterpart. Perhaps there is a lesson on buyer loyalty, relative pricing and affordability in here somewhere.

The Gettysburg 5-ounce P-mint uncirculated collector coin has gone off sale, but Mint accounting has not yet noted in its reports that it has done so. As a result, the 24,625 number should be taken as nearly final with perhaps a last jiggle remaining to be recorded.

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