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Mint Stats: More Presidential dollars reach sellout


presdollar170More asterisks were added to various dollar coin sales options. Sellouts of these base metal coins don’t elicit the same excitement as sellouts of silver Eagles, but they are noteworthy just the same.

For individuals who like round numbers, we didn’t quite hit one this week with the total 2013 sales of gold American Eagles. The total stands at 599,000. 600,000 next week? Should be a slam dunk.

Slam dunk or no, sales of the one-ounce gold Eagles continue to be very slow in September. At 2,500 coins sold, the number just crawled ahead from last week’s figure of 1,000. Buffalo gold sales are ahead at 4,500 thus far in the month of September.

Speaking of crawling, both of the special sets relating to the Girl Scout and 5-Star Generals programs are doing just that. For Girl Scouts, only 3,701 of a possible 50,000 have been sold while the Generals are doing a little better at 4,807 of a possible 50,000.


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