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Mint Stats: Mint adds end-of-year products


Santa is going to make some coin collectors happy this holiday season.

Sales of 2012 proof gold Eagles reached almost 1,200 this past week. The U.S. Mint also recorded decent sales of the one-quarter ounce gold coin with 451 sold, and the one-tenth ounce coin sales totaled 354.

At noon Nov. 27, the limited edition 2012 silver proof set went on sale. We’ll take a look at opening sales next week.

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Also added to the holiday purchase choices is the Caroline Harrison First Spouse gold coin that was to go on sale Dec. 6. At press time, the Mint did not yet have a sale date for the Frances Cleveland First Spouse gold coin.

The last two 2012 First Spouse coins will remain on sale until they sell out or until the end of 2013, according to the Mint.

Another popular purchase this past week was the Making American History Coin and Currency Set, which contains a $5 note and 2012-S proof silver Eagle. Almost 5,000 sets were sold this past week, bringing total sales to 51,868, which exceeds the initial production limit of 50,00 sets.

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