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Mint Stats: Medal of Honor Gold $5 Sprints

Remember the Medal of Honor proof $5 gold piece? Somebody apparently did because buyers snapped up 1,123 of the coins. This pushed the sales total ahead of the U.S. Army proof gold $5, which just had a routine weekly sales increase of 70 pieces.

Had the Medal of Honor buyers’ motive been gold value, you would expect the Army $5 coins to jump as well as they are the same weight and price.

The Mint pulled its other collector gold coins off the market for more than 24 hours Aug. 9 to reprice.

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The gold commemorative coins were not repriced at the same time, but will likely need that attention very soon under current market conditions.

The 2010 Grand Canyon 5-ounce America the Beautiful  silver collector coin is still nearly 3,000 pieces away from achieving sellout status. The Mint is making it easier on buyers by removing all sales limits. Go ahead, write them a check for the last 2,783 pieces.

U.S. Mint Sales Figures as of August 15th

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