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Mint Stats: Gold and golden dollars finish April

2013NativeAmericanRevWasn’t April something? Buyers took up 43 percent of all one-ounce gold American Eagle bullion coins sold in 2013 just in that single month. Sales of tenth-ounce coins were suspended.

Silver Eagles are being rationed, but the Mint managed to deliver over 4 million of the coins, bringing the annual sales figure to 18,310,000.

Buyers took 37,000 gold Buffalo bullion coins in the month, bringing the ongoing annual total to 132,000.

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If you have noticed that the 5-Star General gold $5 shows 3,152 in both the proof and uncirculated columns, that is indeed what the Mint report shows. Perhaps there will be a revision next week.

Native American dollar quantities are now being offered. Nearly 10,000 each of the Philadelphia and Denver 2013 rolls have been sold already.
El Yunque quarter sales ended and last week’s figures stand as the preliminary final numbers.




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