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Mint Stats: Gold 1-ounce bullion sets sales pace


One-ounce gold bullion American Eagles set the sales pace this week as 21,500 more were sold, bringing the running total for October to 29,000 and the running total for the year to 439,500.

For the quarter ounce, 2,000 coins were sold and the gold tenth ounce saw an increase of 5,000 coins. The running tallies appear in the far right column in the lower portion of the page. Buffalo 1-ounce coins moved ahead by 5,000 pieces to bring the October total to 7,500 and the annual total to 104,000.

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Silver 1-ounce bullion American Eagles seemed to be on automatic pilot, up 585,000 pieces to bring October’s number to 1,818,000 coins and the annual figure to 27,613,000.

Bullion buyers also took away an additional 1,000 Chaco Culture 5-ounce bullion coins, 500 Acadia and 1,000 Hawai’i. The other bullion 5-ouncers didn’t budge. All of the 5-ounce collector versions moved ahead in small increments.

Alice Paul First Spouse coins have been added to the list at lower left.

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