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Mint Stats: Fractional gold sales start out well

Sales of American Eagle gold and silver bullion coins are strong, but they are not setting records this year in the first half of the month of January. Interestingly, the real strength in sales is coming in the two smallest fractional gold Eagle sizes. See the box belolw for further details.

Initial sales figures for the Civil Rights Act commemorative silver dollars are mediocre. Since Jan. 2, the Mint has sold 10,056 proofs and 4,424 of the uncirculated pieces. A box will be created for these numbers in a future issue. Last year’s offerings still occupy the space because many of the numbers changed a bit since the last sales report. This reflects returns and other year-end adjustments.

Many other numbers did not change. As I was about to decide that I had accidentally picked up last week’s report, I would spot a different figure to prove that this was not the case. It was either a slow week or official reporting was slow.

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