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Mint Stats: Fort McHenry 5-ounce reaches ceiling

Fort McHenry silver coinThe Fort McHenry 5-ounce bullion coin is now sold out, having reached the 30,000 sales mark. It joins the White Mountain piece as no longer being available.  White Mountain and Mount Rushmore have maximums of 35,000 while the other three designs will call it quits at 30,000. On the collector side, for the “P” mint coins, maximum sales numbers were formally set at 25,000 each, but the Mint declared White Mountain gone at 20,538. The other four designs are not close to their maximums, but Mount Rushmore did add more than 3,000 to the running sales total. At 17,048, the 5-ounce Mount Rushmore is quickly catching up to the others.

Either it’s a typo or there was a big run on 2013 Congratulations sets this week. Sales jumped by 4,669 sets to 9,602.

The Ida McKinley First Spouse coins have gone on sale. The first sales report put the uncirculated coin at 945 and the proof version at 1,282. The next two designs will follow in quick succession. Sales dates for the two Wilson wives are still pending.








































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