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Mint Stats: Clad proof sets added to product list


clad170During the first few days of availability buyers grabbed 205,740 2013 clad proof sets. Even though proof sets aren’t the glamour products they were decades ago when they were the only game in town, it is still impressive to see collector loyalty and habit cause them to jump to buy them when they become available.

The first calendar quarter of the year has just ended, so the gold and silver bullion coin numbers in the boxes end March 31. I hope this makes it easier to keep track of numbers this way.

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Get three essential coin collecting guides and save big!

During the first two days of April buyers have taken another 812,000 silver American Eagles and 6,500 1-ounce gold Eagle bullion coins as well as 1,000 half- ounce and 10,000 tenth-ounce coins. No quarter ounces were sold as April began.

You might wonder who is still buying the 2010 uncirculated Lincoln cent roll. But somebody is in small weekly numbers. Total sales stand at 186,600.

Sales of the proof 2013-W silver Eagle jumped by 25,605 to 405,207.

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