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Mint Stats: Calendar says buy or wave good-bye


Sellouts of certain Mint products are starting to occur and other offerings will soon be joining them as the year comes to a close.
If you were sitting on the fence about buying the 2012-W proof silver American Eagle, it is now too late. The last sales figure of 819,217 now has the asterisk added. Perhaps more surprising is the declared sellout of the uncirculated 2012-W one-ounce gold American Eagle. With sales of 6,114, it looks like a scarce issue. The proof 2012-W platinum American Eagle is still available. Some 6,755 have been sold so far.

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The Denali 5-ounce silver collector coin has gone on sale with the initial sales report standing at 6,905. Bags and rolls of the Denali clad quarter are also now available with demand for the “P” and “D” coins already at two-thirds of the Hawaii levels, but the “S” mint coins are running at a half or less of Hawaii levels. This will probably even out in the next week or two, but it does raise the question as to whether collectors are beginning to tire of the “S” quarters?

Bullion Eagle coin sales are running strong halfway through November.

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