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Mint Stats: Buyers happy with return of 10th oz

GoldEagle-170Though the final day of May has not yet passed as this is written, it is clear that demand for gold American Eagles has ebbed dramatically from the excited push in April. The exception is the return of the 10th-ounce piece. Sales of the smallest of the gold Eagles was 50,000 this week as Authorized Purchasers refilled inventories, something they have not been able to do for over a month.

So far demand for White Mountain 5-ounce silver bullion coins has been running at a rate of about double the number sold of the P-mint collector version. Can it stay out front this way for the long haul, or will the difference get narrower as the year progresses? It is still an open question whether the bullion version is a bullion coin at all. The numbers being sold are low enough to be entirely collector driven.

The 2013 proof gold Buffalo appears for the first time with a sales figure of 4,863. That’s on the weak side, but lost ground can be made up.









































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