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Mint Stats: Buyers back out of Freedom set


The case of the Defenders of Freedom Set not selling out its 50,000 maximum took a curious turn this week. The number of sets sold was reduced by 2,709 to 43,727. Not only has the 50,000 ceiling lost its old magic over collectors, some are apparently turning hostile to it and returning what they purchased.

While collectors are not hostile to proof gold American Eagles, their enthusiasm is tepid. Sales numbers hardly budged this week. The one-ounce proof saw an additional 165 sold to increase the running tally to 3,107, while the half ounce was up by 46, the quarter ounce by 92, the tenth ounce by 288 and the four-coin set by 172. If you think that’s slow, the 2011 four-coin set, which is still available, saw its running tally rise by just one set to 18,147. I hope the Mint hasn’t many left. At one set a week, it will take almost forever to sell out the supply.

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Buyers of the 2012 bullion gold Eagles have zeroed in on the ounce in May, taking 31,500 so far this month while ignoring the fractional sizes. Does cheaper gold bullion mean buyers stock up on the larger Eagle coins?

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