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Mint Stats: Bullion Eagles reach 10 million

Sales of silver bullion American Eagles passed the 10-million mark. With the first quarter of the year nearly finished, it makes a handy point to stop and consider how many coins might be sold this year. Resist the temptation to simply multiply the number by four to reach 40 million. The other three quarters of the year do not have a January effect, so quarterly sales rates should taper off unless there is a new burst of enthusiasm by buyers of silver.

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Last week I mistakenly put an asterisk on the 2011 proof gold Buffalo coin. It is still being sold on the Mint’s website and additional sales of 235 were duly added to the running total below. Sales of the 2012 Buffalo proof increased by 1,580 to reach 5,690.

Buyers of Star-Spangled Banner coins continue to prefer the $5 gold coin in the 2-coin proof set with a proof dollar.
This series’ silver dollars overall outsold the Infantry dollars, but the Infantry coins have been on the market longer. The Defenders of Freedom set still has not sold out.

Bullion buyers took 200 more Olympic and 200 Vicksburg 5-ounce coins, but no additional Chickasaw pieces.

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