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Mint Stats: Another week all about bullion Eagles


goldeagle170The collector version of the silver American Eagle has taken a backseat to the bullion version so far in 2013. Some 15,929,500 of the one-ounce bullion pieces have been sold through April 9, with 1,706,500 of those sold so far in April. On the other hand, the proof silver American Eagle saw sales of 4,208 this week to bring the running total to 409,415.

The four-coin 2013 Presidential proof set had a good jump this week of 23,926 to bring the total so far this year to 172,219.
If the Mint sells roughly another 77,000 the number will equal the 2012 total.

Demand for the 2013 clad proof set is already settling back. A respectable 32,864 were sold in the past seven days, but that number looks small compared to the 205,740 of the prior period. So far 238,604 proof sets have been taken by collectors.

The Perry’s Victory quarter has been added to the roll and bag listings on the page at right.


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  1. tlehmer says:

    Although is interesting to see the tally of US Mint sales, it has become difficult to find the total mintage of some coins and to know if the tally is ongoing or final totals. Coins that are promoted in several different packaging offers from the Mint are an example of those that become difficult to follow. What are the total mintage figures of uncirculated collector versions of the American Silver Eagle such as 2011 and 2012 W and S? It was interesting and intriguing when the Mint had an actual ongoing tally on their website during sales of the ASE S proof coins. But even those figures were no longer valid after one of the coins was offered in another package. What was the total mintage?

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