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Mint State Morgans down slightly

Gold, that “barbarous relic,” will be traded on the NASDAQ in 10-ounce cash contracts. Bernanke will not like that.
Paper money is worthless (unless you don’t have any) because it is no longer a store of value. For years governments have been inflating at various rates, but currently it is absurd with near zero interest rates. People who have saved all their lives earn virtually nothing on savings, or have been wiped out by the system. Those who protected themselves with hard assets have done well.

Gold is down slightly from last week and silver is up 1 percent and platinum is nearly 3 percent to the positive.

Morgan and Peace dollars have gained ground in lower grades. In generic Mint State grades the opposite is true where Morgans have declined slightly in MS-63 to MS-66. Peace dollars have followed but only in MS-63 and MS-64. Better dates have been steady with the exceptions of the 1879-CC and 1934-S giving up some recent gains in MS-64 while the elusive 1893-CC has taken up the slack in the same grade.

Proof sets have a more positive slant over the past two weeks with many more increases than decreases. The 1954-1955 duo has shown the first semblance of life in nearly a year. The 1950 set is down slightly. The 1950 set is difficult to find nice. I suspect weakness is due to lower quality sets being offered rather than lack of interest. Mint sets are steady with only one change in the past two weeks to the positive.

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