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Midale Mustangs celebrate reunion with token

ExoMid0331A.jpgThe Midale Mustangs Alumni Association has issued a $5 municipal trade token to commemorate its reunion.

Currency value for the tokens ended Jan. 1.

Produced from designs by Ken Turner, the Great Canadian Mint produced the 39mm token in the following metals: 400 on bimetallic blanks, with a ring of cupronickel and a center of aluminium-bronze, $7.50 each: 50 copper, $17 apiece;  50 nickel-silver, $17 each; and 50 gold plated, $18 apiece. 

The obverse shows the Midale Mustangs logo, the years 1948 and 2005, and the words ALUMNI HOCKEY/2005/REUNION. 

The reverse celebrates the centennial of Saskatchewan and shows an outline map of the province with a coat of arms and the province flower emblem and the years 1905-2005.

They are available from the exclusive distributor, Bonavita.

To order at the prices indicated above, contact Bonavita by calling (613) 823-3844, by faxing (613) 825-3092, by e-mailing  bonavita@eligi.ca, or by writing to: Box 11447, Station H, Nepean, ON  K2H 7V1, Canada.

Shipping and handling is extra.  Canadian residents must add applicable taxes.
Located in the southeast corner of Saskatchewan, Midale was established by three men from the United States: Rev. Ole Sutherland, Olaf Wedin and Andrew Westman.

They formed a partnership and started the first post office, lumber yard and a small grain elevator.

The first name selected for the town was Mitchell after a doctor who served the area between Moose Jaw and Estevan.

But that name was already taken by a town in the territory.

So it was decided the name would come from a combination of the first two letters of Mitchell and Dale, after Ole Dale, the area?s first homesteader.  In 1962, Midale was incorporated as a town.

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