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Metal detectors uncover buried coins for hunters


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By Michael Bernzweig

Coin hunting involves searching for and retrieving lost coins. The metal detecting hobbyist can cash in just by doing a few simple exercises: learn how to operate a metal detector, learn about different ground conditions and research sites where valuable coins will likely be recovered.

Thousands of Indian Head and wheat pennies, Barber dimes, Liberty and Washington quarters and other types of silver coins are buried. Even gold coins continue to be found many years after they were in circulation.

Visit the local library, you can learn the locations of old parks, historical farms, old campgrounds and/or battlefields, etc. The most popular spots for coin hunting with a metal detector include beaches, ball fields, parks, fairgrounds, hotels and tourist areas.

Metal detectors utilize complex electronic circuitry. When a signal is produced in the search coil of a metal detector, an electromagnetic field is generated that flows out into the earth. All multi-purpose metal detectors will signal when a coin is underfoot. Advanced features on mid-level and higher-end models can help make coin hunting faster and provide greater accuracy. Target identification shows the probability of the coin type/metal being signaled: a dime, quarter, nickel, pull tab, iron, etc.

Some models have a visual ID that also displays target depth in inches. For metal detecting in an area with heavy ground mineralization, it is important to select a detector with a ground balance control or multi frequency. Ground balance will cancel out the effects of minerals in the soil. An electronic pinpointing control is a feature that precisely locates your target once a signal has been emitted.

Michael Bernzweig manages MetalDetector.com in Southborough, Mass. He has written extensively on the subject of metal detecting since the mid 1980s.


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