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Martha leads First Lady designs

Editor’s note: All designs can be viewed in the June 6 print edition of Numismatic News.

Both the Commission of Fine Arts and the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee met recently to review obverse and reverse designs for the First Spouse gold coins.

The first four are due out in 2007 and they include Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Dolley Madison and a piece commemorating the Thomas Jefferson presidency. Jefferson did not have a spouse while in office.

The two groups only agreed on one design, that being the obverse for the Martha Washington coin, a forward-facing Washington turned slightly to the right, with her name scrolled across the top and the dates she was First Lady across the bottom.

The CFA met on May 18, while the CCAC met May 23.

All reverse designs, and all of the obverse designs, minus the four chosen by the CFA, can be found on Page 42. The four obverse designs chosen for the First Spouse series by the CFA are pictured above.

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