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Mansfield event

mansfield.jpgSince the first one in 1973 the annual Mansfield Numismatic Society show
has been chaired by C. John Ferreri. The 75-table event was held March 30 in an old high school gymnasium in Willimantic, Conn.

?It is the best run show in New England,? said Bruce Hagen from his bourse table.

?I?ve done this show for close to 20 years. This show isn?t about the money. It is about numismatic camaraderie and the relationship with the club, but in the end, enough business gets done.?

Hagen said of Ferreri, ?What he has done to promote numismatics in the area you can?t put a price on.?

Bob Kvederas Sr., MNS president, concurred. ?John is the man. He is the life blood of the club.?

Typical of attendees were Jeffrey Barber and his 12-year-old son, Eric, from the Pawcatuck Valley Coin Club.

?We like Barber coins,? the 43-year-old Jeffrey said. ?We?ve finished our Barbers. Now we?re on Seated.? He joked a little bit about his last name and the coins in which he and his son share an interest.

Eric is already a veteran of four years in the hobby. He is at least the third generation in numismatics.

?It was my Dad who go me involved,? Jeffrey said.

Dealer J.R. Greene of Athol, Mass., is a relative newcomer.

?This is the second year I have done this show and I have done much better than last year. I have sold a wide variety of items.?

One bourse table holder didn?t want his name used. He is a vest-pocket dealer and he said very bluntly, ?I come to make money.?

Richard H. Grabowski, who was manning a table, said he started collecting when he was 10 years old. He is 65 now.

?It?s very good here all the time,? he said about the show. He was joined at the table by his father, Chet.

Victor Perricone of East Haven, Conn., noted that ?a lot more people are selling. The people buying are becoming more picky.?

Tom Culhane of New Jersey?s Elusive Spondulix said there was ?a fair amount of collectors here.?

He observed, ?Most U.S. collectors are shocked by the prices, where the world collectors are still buying.?

Like most one-day shows, the action was heavily packed into the morning hours and then by the middle of the afternoon participants had either departed or were packing to go.

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