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Majority favors retaining cent

A majority of Americans still wish to see the cent retained as a circulating coin, according to a Harris Poll conducted by Harris Interactive released April 14.

The online poll shows that 56 percent are in favor of keeping the cent while 24 percent favor its elimination. Another 20 percent say they are not sure.
Among men, those in favor of retaining the coin is under half at 49 percent while those who would like to see it abolished come in at 34 percent. Some 17 percent are not sure.

Women are more strongly in favor of the coin, with 62 percent support and only 14 percent say get rid of it. Not sure rates 23 percent.

Income levels play a role in opinions. The higher the income, the more inclined respondents are to favor elimination. At $75,000 and higher income levels, 32 percent of respondents say get rid of the coin while 51 percent say keep it. Not sure ranks at 18 percent.

At $35,000 annual income, only 16 percent favor elimination and 64 percent want the coin retained. Not sure weighs in at 20 percent.

In addition to questions about the cent, the poll inquired whether respondents had seen the new Presidential dollar coins. Interestingly, the lowest affirmative response was in the East despite the fact that debut ceremonies were held there. Saying they had seen it were 18 percent in the East, 25 in the Midwest, 28 percent in the South and 25 percent in the West.

When asked if they preferred the $1 coin to the $1 bill, 13 percent said they prefer the coin and 76 percent said the paper dollar. Not sure was 11 percent.

There was a variation between men and women. For men, 18 percent prefer the coin while it is only 8 percent of women. Preferring paper was 70 percent of men and 81 percent of women. Equality prevails for the 11 percent of each who are not sure.

More color to help tell paper denominations apart was supported by 68 percent.

Harris Poll seeks participants in online polls and asks people to register at www.harrispollonline.com.

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