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Mailings latest of ANA flaps


Potential bylaws violations by candidates for the American Numismatic Association board of governors have been the topic of talk among some ANA board candidates and their supporters. The mailing above by Barry Stuppler raised questions as to whether it violated ethics standards in the bylaws.

The act by Clifford Mishler of placing campaign material in his Milwaukee convention update letters has also come under ANA member scrutiny.

The bylaws read:
Article VI. Elections ? Ethics. Section 4. No advertisement relating to an ANA election (or any envelope or wrapper therefor) shall include any name, abbreviation, device or address that will in any manner indicate or imply ANA?s endorsement of, or opposition to, any candidate.?

No formal complaint has been filed with the ANA in either instance, says Jay Beeton, ANA deputy executive director for marketing and communications. Should one be filed, he said, a letter would be written to the candidates, time would be granted for a response and any penalty would be up to the board of governors to assess.

Both mailings were paid for out of the candidates? own funds and not the ANA?s and neither involved ANA generated lists.

Beeton also said ballots went into the mail over the course of several days starting June 6 and concluding June 11.

Members have to return them to the auditing firm of BiggsKofford of Colorado Springs, Colo., by July 19.

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