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Lucky coin in 2000 find inspires poem


From the Numismatic News 60th Anniversary Special Issue – By: Marvyn Kelsey • Scottville, Mich.

My wife and I went to D.C. for vacation (taking a side trip to the Mint). I wanted to pick up some Sacagawea coins. No luck! I did pick some up back in Michigan, 60 miles from home in January 2000.

I was in the bank and saw this little old lady (she was holding a bag of change). I asked her if she was turning it in and she said yes. I volunteered I would cash it in for her and paid her what she had in it.

I took the coins home to see if I had any valuable ones. No luck.

U.S. Coins Close Up

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When I took them back to the bank, the girls laughed as they said she was a collector, too.

Congratulations on your 60th.

In Search of Sacagawea

We headed for Pennsylvania
On a cold January day.
Philadelphia was our destination,
Some 800 miles away.

Our quest was for a new coins,
The Sacagawea Gold Dollar, by name,
New and unique – right off the press,
A coin every collector wanted to claim.

We arrived in Philadelphia,
Found a nice place to stay,
Settled down for a good night’s sleep,
Planning to go to the Mint the next day.
In the morning we woke up bright and early,
Anxious to get ready and go,
But much to our surprise – and dismay,
We were buried in drifts of snow.

We tuned in on the Weather Channel
To see if we could go into town.
They said: “Stay off the streets and highways.
All schools and businesses are shut down.”

We found one restaurant and grocery store
Where we could get some food,
And spent the whole day in the motel room –
We weren’t in a very good mood.

The next day, everything stayed closed down
With, possibly, another storm on the way,
So we packed up our belongings
And headed home that very day.

We were about 60 miles from home
When we decided to stop
and shop for a while,
As we checked out our purchases,
something happened
That caused us both to smile.

When the girl handed us our change,
It included a sight to behold,
For there in the midst of nickels and
Was the Sacagawea dollar of gold.

We have traveled over 1,700 miles,
Battled stress and got chilled to the bone,
Were prevented from getting that
cherished coin –
And found it only 60 miles from home.

(Jan. 27, 2000, at Sam’s Club in Muskegon, Mich.)

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