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Look at all the changes recorded this week

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There are a lot of changes to Mint Statistics this week. New issues are coming on sale. Old issues are going off sale.

Consider the arrangement a work in progress at least because First Day Covers will not simply contain the Presidential covers only. However, because there is some interest in the Madison First Day Cover, it is important to show readers the current status while they still have time to buy them if they choose. James Monroe will be added to the list shortly.

As you can see, the First Spouse box has been expanded. The Madison has not yet sold out. The new Elizabeth Monroe is about to go on sale at a higher price. Interestingly, the Madison will continue for sale at the lower issue price. Will that speed their sale or give collectors a basis to complain about the Monroe price?

The 2007 tenth-ounce gold proof Eagle has now gone permanently off sale. The asterisk was added. The silver 2007-W Eagle below is again officially off sale.



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