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Literature up for sale

Numismatic literature dealer Karl Moulton has released a 54-page fixed-price list of American numismatic literature entitled United States Numismatic Literature 1855 to Date.

Printed copies are available for $5 each postpaid.

For ordering information, call (928) 427-3567, send e-mail to Moulton at numiscats@aol.com or write to: Karl Moulton, P.O. Box 1073, Congress, AZ 85332.

Included in the price list are auction catalogs, periodicals, reference materials and specialty publications.

For a complete listing of the company’s available inventory, visit Moulton’s Web site www.coincats.com.

A 10-percent discount is available until Oct. 1.

Note also that Moulton has a new reference available cataloging the American auction sales 1990-2000 entitled United States Numismatic Auction Catalogues 1990-2000, a Listing of Sales by the Major American Auction Companies.

Written by Moulton, the auction reference is currently available from Moulton for $29.95, plus postage and handling.

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