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Lincolns hit new high while UHRs in demand

The last report before the issuance of the third design of the 2009 Lincoln cent shows the two-roll set of the second design exceeding the 300,000 mark for the first time. That is a nice round figure that is psychologically important. It means a “whole lot.” Certainly it is more than three times the sales level registered by the first design.

Sales of Ultra High Relief Saint-Gaudens gold $20s jumped another 2,750 this week. Numbers are rising because of the increase in the order cap from one coin to 10. I personally witnessed the run on supplies at the U.S. Mint booth at the Los Angeles convention of the American Numismatic Association. Each day the supply would be exhausted and a new supply shipped in overnight. Coin dealers were paying people $60 per coin to basically stand in line.

You get an initialed chit from a dealer promising to buy the coins. You stand in a long line.  You say “charge it,” when you get the coins from the Mint. That earns you airline miles and then you get paid the total amount plus $60 per coin. If you bought 10 coins, you received $600 for walking the coins across the bourse floor. Not bad. There were a lot of people willing to do this.

The Julia Tyler First Spouse totals have been added to the proper box on this page. August American Eagle numbers have made their first appearance this week.

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