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Lincoln proof sets move as rolls slow down

Sales of the new four-coin 2009 Lincoln cent proof set leaped past the 100,000 mark in its second week of sales, reaching 101,758. Continuing strength here is contrasted by declining strength in the demand for the Professional Life two-roll cent set. True, it did jump through the nice round number of 200,000, but the increase of 13,108 to a total of 204,472 means that it will take almost eight weeks more to reach the 300,000 mark. With demand already tailing off, it is not likely that a string of precise 13,000 sales numbers could be strung together for that period.

Sales numbers for the Ultra High Relief gold $20 passed the 90,000 mark. The increase in the order limit to 25 probably has facilitated more large transactions. Certainly there doesn’t seem to be a high level of interest in the increase among readers. (See the poll question results on Page 17.) I also don’t think the average reader is ordering these coins in 25-piece lots.

What will the final mintage of the UHR be? Good question. It might get an extra demand boost with gold again toying with the $1,000 level. There is something about wanting to have some new gold when it scores psychological touchdowns. The $1,000 price makes a good goal post.

But don’t forget regular proof sets. Sales passed the 1 million mark.

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