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Lincoln proof set sales bolt out of the gate

The new four-coin 2009 Lincoln cent proof set hits the boards for the first time with initial sales of 66,350. That is not a bad number for roughly five days of  sales, but it is interesting that when collectors are given the choice of the proof set and the two-roll cent sets, the higher demand levels are racked up by the roll sets. This is just an initial observation. Proof cent set demand can catch up over time. We’ll see.
By the way, the Formative Years is back to the 300,000 level and called sold out, so that window of opportunity for late buyers opened and closed fast.

The Polk dollars continue to rocket along, if it can be written that any Presidential dollar coins ever rocket. Both the “P” and the “D” rolls went through the 30,000 level at which the previous two designs were marked “sold out.” A check of the Mint’s Web site shows they are still being sold, so is there a new and higher informal sales goal for this issue?

Andrew Jackson First Spouse gold coins are now off sale. There are no real surprises in those numbers.

One-ounce American Eagle gold and silver bullion coins notched strong sales for the month of August. The silver version sold over 2 million coins.

Collectors are getting more anxious about the availability of collector versions. They are expected, but no definite dates have been set.

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