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Lincoln Coin and Chronicles set a sellout

The Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set  arrives this week with a sellout number of 51,000. That’s 1,000 over the maximum allowed, but not to worry. That will be whittled back to the 50,000 by the time all credit card and other problems are worked through.

In fact, the Mint was still taking standby orders to add to the waiting list for days after the official ceiling was reached.

Last week’s hot item, the 2009 uncirculated coin set, cooled a bit as its sales total increased by 74,474 to reach 466,481.

For fans of round numbers, it is a pleasure to report that the Saint-Gaudens Ultra High Relief gold $20 has passed the 100,000 mark to hit 100,704, up 1,936 for the week.

Bullion buyers will note that sales of one-ounce gold American Eagles rose by 33,000 this week to 63,500. For the year, the total is now over 1 million. Silver American Eagles jumped by 918,000 coins to reach 1,525,000.

The newly available gold Buffalo one-ounce bullion coin has not yet made it into the regular weekly routine, but in just the first few days of availability 71,500 pieces made it into the marketplace through the authorized purchaser network.

The four-coin Lincoln proof cent set moved higher by 10,921 to reach a cumulative total of 156,734.

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