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Lincoln Birthplace cent roll set sells well

There is more space to write in this week because the list of mintages of last year’s proof and uncirculated gold, silver and platinum collector versions of the American Eagle coinage and the proof and uncirculated gold collector versions of the Buffalo coinage have been removed.

It was time because sales have been stopped for some while now and until the Mint catches up with demand for the one-ounce investor gold and silver American Eagles, the 2009 collector versions will not make an appearance.

This is policy that was set last autumn, but because the U.S. Mint made a few new notations on its Web site to let people know not to look for the new issues, a chatter went up online for a few days that the Mint had changed policy again and it was another sign of the overwhelming demand for bullion coinage.

Well, to borrow the words of Saturday Night Live from three decades ago, Gen. Francisco Franco is still dead and the Mint’s policy is still the Mint’s policy. Demand for bullion is high, but Mint policy changes aren’t the reason.

Speaking of high demand, the Lincoln cent rolls are doing very well. Sales in the past week jumped by half to 97,149. Combined Lincoln commem sales are just 2,132 shy of 450,000.

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