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Liberty Dollar ceases operations

Operations of Liberty Dollar, a company responsible for producing private barter currency, has closed, owner Bernard von NotHaus announced in an e-newsletter sent Aug. 1.

Von NotHaus said difficulties with the FBI and a series of court appearances have led him to close the business, at least until he is acquitted.

In June the Department of Justice charged Von NotHaus, along with two other defendants, with conspiracy that involved passing silver rounds off as genuine U.S. coins.

Von NotHaus assured his customers that, although their pending orders will be delayed, he will do everything he can to fill all orders placed before July 6. That was the date a judge issued an oral order stating that NotHaus “shall not circulate or aid in the circulation of any coins or currency in relation to the Liberty Dollar operation.”

For more information, to cancel an order or to make a donation to help cover trial-related expenses, e-mail Von NotHaus at editor@libertydollar.org, call (888) LIB-DOLLAR (421-6168), or visit his Web site at www.libertydollar.org.

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