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Letters to the Editor: Nov. 26, 2019

Commemorative Coin Subject

I would personally like to see a commemorative coin depicting the True Desire of the Founding Fathers’ intentions of having a non-partisan government. The country has strayed so far from the original intention. I have actually been to vote where I would not be allowed at the polls unless I declared one of two parties.

Jason Green
Gainesville, Ga.


U.S. Mint Customer Service Part Two

In the Oct. 1 issue of Numismatic  News, my letter was published about the U.S. Mint’s terrible customer service. Now for the rest of the story.

I called their customer service five times between June and October trying to resolve my issue. They stone-walled me and even lied to me about the disposition of my claim by saying it was “in process.”

I made my final call on Oct. 10. I told them to either replace my missing bonus cent or I would write an article for the major coins publications and title it “How the U.S. Mint Cheated a 78-year old Man Out of a Penny.”

Well, that worked.

I received my cent a week later. All they had to do was mail the penny to me in June and it would have been over. It’s amazing how good customer service can cement a positive relationship by resolving issues quickly and efficiently. The U.S. Mint certainly dropped the ball with me on this issue.

I hope other Mint customers will fare better than I did when they have issues.

Bob Jaques
Hartselle, Ala.


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