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Las Vegas celebrates 60th anniversary

ANA Education Director Rod Gillis talks about the King and Queen of Coins with two Westgate Resort Hotel Las Vegas showgirls in costume.

The Las Vegas Numismatic Society celebrated its 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Show from May 18-20 at the Las Vegas Westgate Resort Hotel in Las Vegas in royal and regal pomp style.

On public display at the event, for the first time since 1962, was an American Numismatic Association Roadshow Exhibition, which featured the dazzling and rare King and Queen coins of numismatics, an 1804 Bust silver dollar and a 1913 Liberty Head nickel.

LVNS President Joe Cavallaro said, “Our club members wanted to make our 60th a most memorable and unforgettable educational outreach numismatic event, something the public in the city of Las Vegas would long talk about and remember.

“The membership graciously raised the necessary funds to bring the ANA’s eye-catching and unforgettable Roadshow consisting of the 1913 Liberty nickel and the 1804 dollar.”

Cavallaro continued by noting, “what even added a little more special spice to the exhibition was the fact that three ANA staff; Executive Director Kim Kiick; Education Director Rod Gillis; and Club Representative Program Coordinator Tiffanie Bueschel were also present as well as our longtime member and youth activities coordinator, ANA Immediate Past President Walter Ostromecki.”

About Ostromecki, Cavallaro said, “he has been our thrice yearly special guest numismatic educator and leader for youth and family activities/programs for the past five years. He’s just simply amazing to behold, magical if you please, when it comes to relating to enlightening, educating and captivating not only the youngsters, but non-collector adults and hobbyists alike when comes to the fun hobby of numismatics!”

Fred Kuch, LVNS financial trust advisor remarked, “I am proud to report that many of our club members proudly donated funds along with reaching out to local businesses for sponsorships to bring the ANA’s Roadshow to our 60th anniversary celebration. Over $7,500 was raised for our ‘royal style star-spangled historic event to host the King and Queen of coins. The last time that one of these classic numismatic rarities was displayed in Vegas was 1962.”

ANA Honors the LVNS with a special 60th Anniversary Recognition Certificate. Doing the honors on behalf of ANA President Garrett was immediate past president and current governor Walter Ostromecki.

A promoter and bourse coordinator for CK Shows said, “There was a definite public draw increase on show attendance resulting from the special exhibition of the King and Queen. Throughout the shows three days it was nothing short of phenomenal! Most bourse dealers I talked with gave sales a big thumbs up!”

Nearly a thousand people came to view, drool over and learn about the classic King and Queen of coins from Gillis, Bueschel and Ostromecki. Even a number of Westgate Resort Hotel staff turned out to view the exhibit, including two in full costume as Las Vegas show girls.

They simply were amazed by all competition for attention on the bourse floor those two coins posed. They have a face value of $1.05, but are worth multiple millions of dollars.

On Friday evening, a private LVNS member tour and discussion on the King and Queen display was hosted jointly by Kiick and Gillis.

This was followed up with a special prime rib and champagne reception in the Royal Presentation Room. Each guest attending received a special souvenir card marking the Diamond Jubilee event. The contained 2017-P Lincoln cent and a 2013-P Nevada (Great Basin National Park) America the Beautiful quarter.

The events special music entertainment featured singer-songwriter Daniel Williams. He opened with the world premier of his latest tribute song about the 1804 dollar to the sheer delight of more than 75 club members who attended the special event.

Ostromecki in his usual laid-back whimsical style introduced the ANA royalty in attendance.

Kiick, Gillis and Bueschel took their bows in turn. It was important that the ANA was able to take its Roadshow to Las Vegas.

Ostromecki said he was present on behalf of ANA President Jeff Garrett.

A special engraved 60th Diamond Jubilee Milestone Certificate of Recognition was presented by the ANA foursome to LVNS President Cavallaro.

Continuing with the fun and festivities to close out the evening was a game show style audience numismatic quiz challenge with quiz master host “Groucho Marx Fred Kuch.

With a spin of the point wheel, play or pass and a secret word, Kuch divided the audience into three sections and the fun began.

Group 1 under the leadership of Kiick was asked the first question: In what year was the 1913 Liberty nickel struck? Play or pass? The reply pass.
Must have been all about the strategy here.

The LVNS issued a 60th anniversary medal designed by member James Shands with a limited edition .999 fine silver version at $50 and a bright bronze version for $25.

Only a few of each metal composition remain. Medals come housed in a beautiful Royal Presentation Box. If interested please check out the LVNS website at: lasvegascoinclub.com for further information.

The LVNS is a non-profit 501c3 organization. The club meets monthly with the exception of December at the University United Methodist Church, 4412 S. Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas at 3 p.m. (Across from UNLV). Doors open at 2 p.m. Guests always welcome! Active youth core with their own educational programs and activities.

For more information about dates, see the website or call Cavallaro at (702) 860-6032.


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