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Lange buying old coin boards

NN0815langea_bw.jpg Noted numismatist David W. Lange has launched his own Web site offering books for sale and advertising himself as a buyer of vintage coin collecting boards from the 1930s and ?40s.

The site, www.coincollectingboards.com, features photos of Lange and his collection of coin boards, the predecessors of the familiar folders widely used today. He began collecting the boards 20 years ago.

Lange is also the author of six popular books on United States coins, including The Complete Guide to Buffalo Nickels. An entirely new edition has just arrived from the publisher and Lange is offering signed copies for sale at his Web site. His other books available include The Complete Guide to Lincoln Cents, The Complete Guide to Mercury Dimes and History of the United States Mint and Its Coinage.

Lange may be contacted at P.O. Box 20892, Bradenton, FL 34204; tel. (941) 586-8670; e-mail langedw@msn.com.

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