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Krause Publications Releases 6th Edition of the Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1601-Present

IOLA, Wis. (Jan. 8, 2010) — Krause Publications has released the sixth edition of the Standard Catalog of World Gold Coins, 1601-present, including platinum and palladium issues.

“Gold coins have been the standard store of wealth for mankind for centuries,” said market analyst Tom Michael. “Public interest in gold is always simmering below the surface of society and spikes through at various junctures. Gold rushes, gold backing of currencies and of course times of economic downturns such as we are now experiencing worldwide, bring gold into our everyday thoughts, hopes, dreams and investment strategies. Over four centuries of world gold coin production are chronicled in this catalog, with market values reflecting the record highs in today’s skyrocketing precious metals market.”

The new edition of this book features:

-More than 35,000 photos of coins in their actual size
-Up-to-date market values in up to five condition grades
-Denomination index, bullion value chart, foreign exchange table
-Descriptions with detailed weight and measurement data, a key to detecting counterfeits
-Listings organized alphabetically by country

This 1,440-page book is available at www.shopnumismaster.com/product/std-cat-world-gold-coins/world-coins.

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