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John Quincy Adams dollar bags, rolls added

Harper Dave.jpgJohn Quincy Adams dollar rolls and bags appear this week. To make room, the 2006 Westward Journey nickel series set number of 147,319 has dropped out. Sales have stopped, so take note of the final number for your records.

Compared to the Monroe dollar roll and bag totals, it would seem that the Adams numbers have opened up fairly strongly for the rolls. They already exceed 60 percent of the Monroe totals. Of course, both sets of rolls are still on sale.

May bullion Eagle totals jumped. The one-ounce gold went up by 24,500 coins to hit 29,000. The silver Eagle total nearly doubled to 1,443,500, up by 702,500.

Perhaps just to make it interesting, a small total of 1,000 half-ounce gold coins and 200 half-ounce platinum Eagles appeared.

Buffalo coin sales went up by 2,000 to 5,500.

Next week the Louisa Adams First Spouse initial sales numbers should be making their debut. That should add some zing to an otherwise fairly slow selling area.

New Mexico quarter bags are just about ready to be replaced by the Arizona quarter bags.



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