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Jerry Buss dies at age 80


bussJerry Buss died Feb. 18 at the age of 80 in Los Angeles.

After he bought his Los Angeles Lakers basketball team in 1979 they were 10-time National Basketball Association champions while he owned them.

His numismatic holdings also proved to be champions during the same time period.

While he was building a sports dynasty, he was also building a coin collection that he sold in 1985.

He acquired a 1913 Liberty Head nickel in the summer of 1978 for $200,000. An 1804 dollar was added about six months later for the same amount.

Though these purchases made news, at the time his identity was concealed from the public. He was simply a mystery buyer who was called a star in the entertainment industry.

When Buss sold his collection Jan. 28-30, 1985, the nickel brought $385,000 and the silver dollar $308,000.

He also had an 1894-S dime among other rarities that appeal to collectors who began with circulation finds in childhood as he did.

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