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Jamestown coins headed to space

NASA has announced it will fly four Jamestown commemorative coins and a 400-year-old artifact from the Jamestown, Va., settlement into space in March on the space shuttle Atlantis. The coins are two of the $5 gold pieces and two of the silver dollars.

NN0116Jamesc.jpgAneesh Chopra, Viriginia secretary of technology, presented the artifact and coins to NASA Langley Research Center Director Lesa Roe on AeroSpace Day Jan. 31 in Richmond, Va.

?This exploratory shuttle flight connects our adventurous past with the innovation and continued intellectual curiosity that guides our future as we commemorate America?s 400th anniversary,? Virginia Governor Tim Kaine said.

NN0116Jamesd.jpg?NASA is proud to be entrusted with this piece of exploration history and to participate in the commemoration of America?s 400th anniversary, highlighting the next phase of America?s exploration vision,? Roe said. ?Remembering the spirit of adventure that led to the establishment of Jamestown is appropriate as this country works toward establishing a permanent outpost on another planetary body.?

The coins and artifact will travel to the international space station and back on the mission.

When returned from space, NASA will present one set to Gov. Kaine for display at the Jamestown Settlement, a 17th century living history museum. The second set will be displayed at the National Park Service?s Historic Jamestowne Visitor Center.

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