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Jamestown and ‘W’ gold make small gains

lilmint.jpgAfter doing this column for the past year, I figured it was time to put my byline on it. Most readers have already figured it out, but everybody seems to feel better knowing the person behind the numbers. It?s me.

Let?s look at Jamestown. The numbers were more active this week as sales occurred during the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to the historic site, but even with her presence, the increases were small. For proof dollars, the number is up this week by 1,581. The uncirculated dollars are up by 694, the proof $5 is up by 226 and the uncirculated $5 is up by 67 pieces.

Without an order limit, there is just an orderly sales increase for the ?W? mintmarked uncirculated gold American Eagles. The ounce is up 736; half ounce, 721; quarter, 945; tenth, 1,835; and the set, 835.bigmint.jpg

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