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James Monroe FDC numbers cut drastically

Harper Dave.jpgThe Mint has revised the sales figures for the James Monroe first day covers and the news is not good for anyone betting on a sellout. The number was cut almost in half from 48,578 to 27,885.

The Mint is selling one-ounce silver and gold American Eagle coins quite rapidly, but it is not enough to fill the demands of would-be buyers who wanted to take advantage of the recent dip in bullion prices. Nearly 2 million silver Eagles have been shipped so far in March.

It is interesting to look at the monthly American Eagle and gold Buffalo numbers. Almost four times as many one-ounce gold Eagles have been sold as Buffaloes. Is this just a monthly fluke or is the Buffalo coin in danger of becoming a novelty as far as investors are concerned?

Dolley Madison First Spouse numbers did not change, but the Mint Web site indicates they are back on sale, so the numbers should start rising again in future reports.



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