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Investment buying continues strong

Gold, silver and platinum have all fallen 5 to 8 percent since our last issue, but premiums have remained virtually the same indicating still strong investment buying. There is a slight decrease in the premium on generic $20 circulated gold but almost imperceptible.

Proof and mint sets continue in the doldrums with the only bright spot being the 2007 Legacy set now at $200. Since our last update on these two weeks ago, there are 31 changes with only five pluses.

If you carefully examine Peace dollar pricing you will see a few increases and decreases. While quiet, there is a very evident underlying strength in the entire series.

Morgan dollars are obviously strong with generic circulated issues being sought after for the many promotions out there and simply as another safe haven silver item. On the high end there were too many pluses to count with the greatest strength in MS-65 and MS-66 followed by MS-67. While these are strong and will most likely remain so, the market is thin because on many only a few coins exist in these high grades. A coin that in MS-66 is $25,000 and has a population of eight or 10 will be dramatically affected if two or three more show up while a $1,000 coin would probably not be affected if a roll showed up.

Wholesale bids on nice Lincoln rolls continue to escalate. Recently a dealer friend needed a few 100 1975 rolls and had a hard time finding them at 50 percent over retail!

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