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Internet coin company goes green

Gainesville Coins Inc. is going green.

The Web-based company headquartered in Tampa, Fla., is making a conscious effort to conserve our planet. And they?re putting their money where their mouth is.

During Earth Week, April 18-27, Gainesville Coins donated a portion of each sale to the Arbor Day Foundation.

The company has taken steps to reduce its carbon footprint by:
? Instituting an online invoice system to cut paper product usage by 50 percent;

? Shutting down computers and printers at night to save on electricity.

? Continuing to recycle all retired equipment including electronics, plastics, glass, newspapers and card board.

? Replacing all incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent.

?Now, more than ever, we need continual environmental education,? the company states on its Web site, www.gainesvillecoins.com

?It?s the grain of truth that grew into Earth Day.?

Gainesville Coins offers ideas for contributing to a green planet:

? Plant something. Every garden starts with a single seed.

? Recycle at least one item. Recycle containers into practical items such as  pencil holders, water jugs or bird feeders.

? Carpool with co-workers, even if it?s only for one day.

? Turn off unused lights and electronics.

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