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Indiana coin club marks 50th year


The Putnam County (Indiana) Coin Club recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Organized in November 1962, the Indiana club launched with 12 charter members who paid $1 a year dues.

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Julian Jarvis was the first president, a position he would hold four more times. Through the years Richard Gaddis also served five terms as president, Larry Creed served four terms and Mike Fowler served three terms.

Charter members were Jarvis, Ralph Klipsch, Randall Collins, William Spencer, Earl McCullough, Adrian Morrison, William Morrison, Richard Gould, Robert Stoelting, William Lockwood, Ruth Chew and Paul Williams.

Today, Jarvis said, attendance runs between 40 and 50-plus.

Gold and silver prices have motivated several new members to join the club, Jarvis said.

“It’s partially because of the metals price,” Jarvis told the Banner Graphic newspaper in Greencastle, Ind. “There’s a lot of interest in precious metals now. People are wanting to preserve some of their wealth that way.”

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